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Cold Cathode Lighting Sytems
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-Cold Cathode is a continuous line of light without the gaps and shadows seen in light sources such as LEDs or fluorescent fixtures.

-Cold Cathode can be formed to nearly any shape.Lamps are custom made from custom patterns and dimensions.

-Cold Cathode lighting systems are dimmable. Compatible with most dimming systems, the dimming range is extraordinary.

-Cold Cathode lighting is available in an extensive number of colors. Although most often specified in warm whites, nearly 100 colors are available.

-Cold Cathode lighting is valued for its long life. Typical lamp life is 50,000 hours. This quality is especially useful for hard to reach areas.

-Cold Cathode lighting is efficient. Rivaling fluorescent in light output and power usage,

-Cold Cathode avoids the negative aspects of fluorescent.

-Cold Cathode components are UL listed and comply with all NEC requirements and specifications.

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